We really understand Cyber Security and Data Security and have real expertise.  Data Protection and Cyber Security need to be thought about together.  Often significant change is required to achieve this  – whatever your need, we help you to define it, and can deliver the technology solutions and outcomes across your digital transformation journey. 

We know the risks, the challenges, and the headaches of your sector. But we also understand the opportunities and the very real potential such change delivers too.

Why Cyber & Data Protection Limited?

If you’re looking for Cyber Security or Data Protection solutions and you are in the Charity or 3rd Sector or Education (Trusts and Private Schools) Sectors you've come to the right place. We also have clients in legal, hospitality and across Shropshire.  The 4 sectors we focus on all hold a lot of sensitive data and are therefore particularly vulnerable to cyber crime.  As you are here (on this page) - thank you for your visit - why not stay a while and look around at what we offer and how we can potentially help you... We understand your challenges and can help you to protect your data and to ensure its usable.

Success Stories

Why we are unique

Joined up Approach

Combining Cyber Security, Data Protection, Risk Mitigation, and Strategic Program Delivery.

The Technology

Technology solutions and Digital transformation projects to help you on your cyber security journey.

Reducing Risk

Data may be our most valuable and vulnerable resource, but we take you on the journey from mitigating risk to maximising opportunity.

We listen, we explore, and we develop a comprehensive strategy. Then we go above and beyond that, to focus on delivery, implementation, and adoption.  

This isn’t about simple box-ticking compliance, nor is it providing consultancy with no programme management or delivery follow-up.  

We’re genuine partners and we’re with you for the whole journey. 

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Our Approach